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Hello! I am Pedro Pío, I am a Spaniard residing in Colombia and I am a lover of still and moving images.

Fotografia de bebe en Cali

My work at Atomic Photography is divided into two:

When I was a dad, little Mia inspired me a lot to createatomic baby, a space in which I mix my taste for photography with the world of babies.And over time, and at the request of my clients, I began to offer other sessions such asPregnancy.

Secondly,Atomic Foodhas focused on theFood Photography and Stylingand products. I have helped manyBusinessto sell more by showing your products in the most attractive way.

We have a Department ofProduction, a Department ofArt Direction and Food Stylingand a Department ofPhotography and Postproduction.

I know that technique is very important in this profession, but sensitivity and love for what I do is even more so. We are memoria y at Atomic we work in order to make memory.

I have also worked in film and television for more than 10 years, in Cuba, Argentina, Colombia and Spain. I have made fiction and documentary films, and I have participated in the  most important film festivals in the world, such as Cannes, Rotterdam or Clermont-Ferrand.

I consider it fundamental to record our present time for the future and move those who approach our images.


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