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who I am

Fotografia de bebe en Cali

Hello! I am Pedro Pío, a lover of still and moving images. I am passionate about Food Photography and Food Styling. I have helped many Business, restaurants and entrepreneurs to sell more by showing their products in the most interesting, provocative and attractive way.

I have a Department of Production, a Department of Art Direction and Food Styling and a Department of Photography and Postproduction specialized in Food Photography.


I also work in cinema. I have made fiction and documentary films, and I have participated in the most important  film festivals in the world, such as Cannes, Rotterdam or Clermont-Ferrand. Cinema is photography in motion. In fact, the experience of cinema, of directing film crews on sets with hundreds of variables, of working with photographers and learning  composition and lighting and working with art directors and learning to use coherently and Good taste, the colors, the textures and the setting is what has given me all the necessary tools to control the small sets that are needed to do food photography, in which, precisely, photography and direction play a very important role. of art.

In this profession, technique is very important, but sensitivity and love for what I do is even more so, toto be able to move those who come close to my still and moving images.


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